2020 Potts Classic
This Event Is Now Closed.

Saturday 25th January 2020

Allan & Sylvia Potts Classic

     Track and Field Meeting


Athlete Entries

NOTE: All athletes entering in the Athletics NZ 3000m Championships will need to enter via ANZ direct.

Entries will close 18th January 2020, after that date entries will only be accepted with a late fee, and only if there is room in the event to compete and at the discretion of the POTTS CLASSIC Meeting Director. 

Please note that where you are asked for an event qualifying time/distance enter your season best

Entry Standards - Shot Put / Hammer / Discus / Long Jump / Pole Vault / Triple Jump:

If there are more than 12 entries in the above events the following will apply:

- Top 8 athletes (at Meeting Directors discretion) will be auto qualifiers for the evening final

- Remaining field will have a 3 round qualifier in the afternoon with the top 4 moving through to the final

Both Senior and (AthNZ) U20 weights will be accepted however only senior weights will be eligable for prizes.

Entry Standard - Hammer

There will be a qualifying standard of 35m for the Hammer

4x100m Relay

We will be holding a 4x100m relay. Athletes must register their teams when they pick up their race numbers, and all participants must be entered in at least 1 other event to compete.

POTTS CLASIC 11 - 14 year groups

PLEASE ENTER BY EMAIL DIRECT TO pottsclassic@gmail.com

We will have a handicap 100m and 800m races for the 11 – 14 year groups, $5 entry paid on the day.

100m runners will have heats to get the top 2 in each age group then race in a final open handicap in the main programme. Email 100m entries to pottsclassic@gmail.com by the 23th January 2020.

800m will have both the girls and boys racing together in an open handicap race.

800m runners must enter no later than 23rd January 2020 by emailing your name, age group, club and your best 800m time to pottsclassic@gmail.com


If you require any more information about the POTTS CLASSIC please contact 

Richard Potts   021 959521 or via Email


Event Details


Regional Sports Park, Hastings

Event Date:

Saturday 25 January 2020
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